This rotation is no longer active.

   I have no plans to restart this rotation. However, I will leave the site and the uploads from the last rotation online for an indefinite period.

   I still upload releases at Tainted World and my LiveJournal (I no longer use SoulSeek).

   Any requests sent to me by email will be answered. However, the music list that was posted here is incorrect (I lost a majority of my music due to harddrive failure). Please see the updated list below.

Updated music list
Hello! Welcome to 「M」, my tiny Visual Kei rotation. Sure, there are plenty of rotations on the web, but mine is special--I promise! I may not update very regularly, but I try to make up for it in quantity and quality. I upload only full releases by lesser known indie bands (bonus uploads, however, are not limited to indie artists). There's really no method in the way I pick an artist to feature; most rotations consist of whatever I'm hooked on at the moment. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the music featured here, and don't forget to whore this site to your friends!

「ONE」 Guilds'
Title: イバラ [IBARA]
Release: 2005-07-01
Tracklist: 01. イバラ [IBARA] 02. CLOUD


「TWO」 marmalade
Title: IRIS
Release: 2001-08-29
Tracklist: 01. 労 [Rou] 02. IRIS 03. Peace of heaven


「THREE」 cinnamon
Title: 約束 [Yakusoku]
Release: 2005-06-26
Tracklist: 01. forever(オルゴール Ver.) [forever(ORGEL Ver.)] 02. 約束 [Yakusoku] 03. 箱庭 [Hakoniwa]


Title: ・・・Air
Release: 1999-06-30
Tracklist: 01. ・・・Air 02. DeathtopiA


「FIVE」 Syndrome
Title: "・・・if~reflect yourselves~"
Release: 2001/06/06
Tracklist: 01. Search for・・・ 02. affected you 03. 蟷~Last child~ [Dou ~Last child~] 04. "・・・if~reflect yourselves~" (SE)


「SIX」 La FéeRIe
Title: La berceuse
Release: 1998/12/16
Tracklist: 01. 音階の魔力~symphony of La Féerie~ 02. 目覺メノトキ~覺醒サレタモウ一人××~ 03. 『・・・予感』 04. [pwazo] 05. ~unfair~untruth~unrest~ 06. Realize 07. La berse


Title: Corvinus
Release: 2006-09-20
Tracklist: 01. Corvinus 02. Unknown


Yes, I take requests! You can request pretty much anything, so long as it's Visual Kei and not too easy to find (meaning, Dir en grey and MALICE MIZER are off limits). The best way to see what I have is to browse through my files on Soulseek, since I'm on a lot. My username is yama___ (that's with three underscores)! For those of you without Soulseek, I have a list of my music, but it's rarely updated. To send you request, either contact me on Soulseek or email me.

?ONE? 2005-12-07
01. Du le quartz 02. Mareydi?Creia' 03. Mist of Rouge

?TWO? 2006-01-09
01. Celia'xeno 02. AILE 03. BLOOD??

?THREE? 2006-02-23
01. Death?Rabbits 02. Lubis Cadir 03. MONAURAL CURVE 04. Nana [??] 05. Shiver 06. Misery

?FOUR? 2006-06-04
01. Sinners 02. La'Dies 03. PinkFilm 04. L'avier Matis

?FIVE? 2006-07-??
01. nord 02. LADY 03. Laissez Faire 04. La'Vistier 05. Vanilla 06. Vinette 07. Kresh end 08. Dys ti quele 09. Phantasmagoria 10. Miyabi-miyavi- [?-miyavi-]

?SIX? 2006-08-16
01. IZABEL VAROSA 02. Mist of Rouge 03. the Pumpkin Head 04. Cuartet 05. JOKER 06. Kaya